The Five Top Feng Shui Color Mistakes
Much of the advice you find on the internet about colors will end up producing bizarre looking homes. Make sure you're not making these mistakes.
When you watch this webinar you'll understand why common ways to apply Feng Shui Colors (even some taught in best selling books) are wrong, including: 

❌ Choosing colors by the compass directions
❌ Painting colors to match the Feng Shui bagua map
❌ Assigning colors to family members based on their birth dates 

Moni will not just teach you, she will show you why choosing colors in these ways creates spaces that are not harmonious and, frankly, look ridiculous.
I created the Nine Steps to Feng ShuiⓇ System which incorporates modern architecture with ancient Feng Shui techniques and the principles of alternative healing. 

When you follow these simple principles, you’ll turn your current home into your dream home – a place where you can be happy with the people you love. 

I’m Moni Castaneda, a Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker and Author.
“Excellent practical advice based on ancient knowledge of Feng Shui. The real deal.”  -  Karla Bell, Australia
The Reviews Are In!
“I was looking for a Feng Shui practitioner that could take the ancient wisdom and principles that could seem irrelevant to modern day society and translate them so that I could see why they mattered in the 21st century. Moni’s extraordinarily skilled at offering the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ in a meaningful and deeply gracious way.”   

“I wanted to understand what I was doing, not just be told to do it. And you explain the why and how about all things Feng Shui!” 

Moni Castaneda